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The Political Orphanage

Jul 26, 2023

Statistics can be mangled to say whatever you’d like, and sometimes they’re garbage to begin with.

Aaron Brown teaches statistics at New York University and at the University of California. He joins to tip us off on statistical malfeasance.

Jul 19, 2023

America is less geographically-focused than ever, but her government is still foundationally built around land areas. What would politics look like if geography played less of a role? Max Borders joins to discuss.

Jul 12, 2023

Thom Taylor is Los Angeles financial advisor who spent a decade writing for movie magazines. He knows the creative and business side of Hollywood, and how the current writer strike is apt to alter the trajectory of entertainment.
Thom's website is
Raymond Chandler article:

Jul 6, 2023

Last week the Supreme Court effectively banned race considerations in higher education admissions. Anastasia Boden returns to discuss the relevant constitutional law, and the underlying ideological issues.

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