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The Political Orphanage

Aug 28, 2020

Comedians Turner Sparks and Mike Kaplan return to discuss the week's best, under served headlines, including:

Hookers for Jesus, capturing George R. R. Martin, and dogs as car salesmen

Aug 26, 2020

Political parties aren't written into the Constitution, but they definitely effect it. How do parties alter the balance of power in American politics? Do they precipitate or stall revolution?Economist Antony Davies and political scientist James R. Harrigan of FEE's Words & Numbers podcast join to discuss.

Aug 21, 2020

Comedians Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth of the podcast Questionable Material join Heaton to sort out the week's underserved headlines, including a goose who runs for mayor, and municipal wizard subsidies.

Aug 20, 2020

Sparks fly as pundits debate whether or not the US Postmaster General is rigging the election on behalf of Trump! Meanwhile, the USPS asks Congress for a bailout.

In this episode we:

* Tackle the USPS election conspiracy theory

* Discuss how to save the Postal Service from insolvency

Aug 14, 2020

Travis Irvine joins Heaton to sort out the week's best, underserved headlines, including musical bratwurst, robot dolphins, and the greatest film you will never ever see!