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The Political Orphanage

Jun 26, 2020

(NSFK) Leo Kearse, Scottish Comedian of the Year 2018, rejoins the program to suss out the week's better underserved headlines, from British citizens asking New Zealand to invade it to even more things that can get you arrested in Cambodia. You can follow Leo on his YouTube channel...

Jun 24, 2020

Jeffrey Miron is an economist at Harvard University, and joins Heaton to discuss the Drug War. If we legalized the hard stuff, would usage spike? Would overdoses? What's the balance of disruption to society against revenue reclaimed from law enforcement? Also: did Coca-Cola ever really contain cocaine?

Jun 19, 2020

(NSKF) Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth of the Questionable Material podcast join Heaton to go through the week's underserved headlines, from funeral planning involving elephants to an inexplicably nude death in Arizona.

Jun 17, 2020

Universal Basic Income (UBI) has been advocated in various forms by Thomas Paine, Andrew Yang, Milton Friedman, and Richard Nixon: a minimum income floor available to all Americans. How does it stack up compared to our existing welfare state? How would it work, and can we afford it? Scott Santens is a UBI proponent who...

Jun 12, 2020

NSFK - Comedian Myq Kaplan and professor/humor scholar Dannagal Goldthwaite Young join the show to plumb the week's underserved headlines, from flying turtles to Outback sex work awkwardness to the going rate for human souls at an auction. The latest installment of Friday Release Valve.