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The Political Orphanage

Jul 27, 2022

The Founding Fathers were all children of the Enlightenment, and they agreed on kicking King George out, but they never agreed on how to run the country.

Seth Radwell, author of American Schism: How the Two Enlightenments Hold the Secret to Healing Our Nation joins on to discuss these two halves of our Founding, and how...

Jul 20, 2022

How do we determine when to retire truly offensive words and replace confusing ones, against virtue signaling and shifting goal posts?

Ron Hayden of “Worth Watching” and Dr. Andrea Jones-Rooy of “Majoring in Everything” join to discuss.

Jul 14, 2022

Inflation is at an 11-year high--what's causing it!

How do we solve it, and how does it effect us (and our bank accounts)? John Cochrane, "The Grumpy Economist" joins to discuss. 

Plus: Hyperinflation . . . via the French Revolution!

Jul 6, 2022

In “How to Change Minds: The Surprising Science of Belief, Opinion, and Persuasion,” science writer David McRaney explores proven ways to get people to unstuck themselves from entrenched opinions and think straight. 

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Peter Boghassian...

Jul 1, 2022

Court Packing! In the wake of Roe v. Wade, Progressives want to insert new justices to tip back the majority. In this episode we explore the several times politicians have rigged the courts. And then analyze the best available reforms to make the Supreme Court less of a partisan volcano.