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The Political Orphanage

Oct 28, 2022

My recent speaking engagement at Oxford University, the various ne'er-do-wells claiming I am a fascist, and why politics attracts toxic personalities.

Plus, protocols to help us remain good faith actors and not drink deep of the bile.

Find the Heaton Protocols...

Oct 20, 2022

The government of Iran has shut down its Internet, and brutally clamped down on dissent. Why are the people protesting, and are they within striking distance of revolution? Should America root for them from the sidelines, or send guns?

Lisa Daftari of The Foreign Desk joins to discuss

Oct 13, 2022

Did Florida's fast-and-loose Covid policies fail compared to New York's strict lockdowns? How effective were mask mandates? How did the United States stack up against Europe and Australia?

Maxim Lott of "Maximum Truth" crunched the numbers on which regimes saved or lost lives during Covid 19. And offers a tool to asses...

Oct 5, 2022

Kristaps Andrejsons is a war correspondent regularly covering the conflict in Ukraine, ad the host of the Eastern Border podcast.
He joins the show to discuss: 
* Why Russia pushed patently false referendums in Ukraine
* Who blew up the Nord 2 pipeline
* How the Ukrainian conflict might play out
* What the West...