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The Political Orphanage

Sep 26, 2019

Comedians Turner Sparks and Brian Sack join Heaton to discuss:

  • The Area 51 Raid
  • The Climate Change Strike
  • Justin Trudeau's makeup choice
  • Donald Trump, Ukraine, and impeachment

Season 2, Ep 12

Sep 18, 2019

Comedian David Carl and playwright Jeremy Kareken join Heaton to discuss how vaping could save or kill America, the next step for John Bolton's mustache, and the post-debate shakedown in the Democratic primaries. 

Season 2, Ep 11

Sep 13, 2019

While visiting Iceland for very legal, very unsuspicious reasons, Heaton interviews two prominent Icelandic comedians--Ari Eldj√°rn and Helgi Steinar--to learn about their country and their politics and also to launch his very own Icelandic political campaign. 

Season 2, Ep 10

Sep 5, 2019

Burning Man is a giant, 80,000-person party in the desert, complete with a crazy amount of neon, bicycles, and narcotics. Grover Norquist is a powerful Republican, alternately famous or infamous for compelling GOP leaders to pledge never to increase spending, who attends Burning Man every year. He joins the podcast to...