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The Political Orphanage

Feb 24, 2022

My new book "Inappropriately Human: 21 Short Stories" is now available as an audio book! You can listen to it via

To pique your interest, here is a funny story from it: "RE: Your Timeline Infractions." 

Download your copy on, or

Feb 23, 2022

Why do some activist movements change the world, when others make a big bang and then fizzle out? Gal Beckerman is the author of “The Quiet Before: On the Unexpected Origins of Radical Ideas.”

You can find a copy at

Feb 17, 2022

My hero just died.

In this special episode, I talk about the beloved political satirist P. J. O'Rourke, and his impact on me personally. Then play a rerun of his final interview on this program, wherein we discuss his book "A Cry From the Far Middle." 

Feb 16, 2022

Charles Cooke of National Review joins the show to discuss embattled podcast host Joe Rogan as the flashpoint between authoritarianism and free speech. And to elaborate on the difference between state censorship, and a culture of open expression against that of self-censorship.

Feb 9, 2022

Joe Biden has pledged to nominate a black woman to the forthcoming Supreme Court vacancy--should race and gender factor in at all? In politics, does ideology or identity weigh more heavily? Jeremiah Johnson and Andrea Jones-Rooy joins to discuss.

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